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All aspects of a building and its surroundings are highly vulnerable to exposure of water, chemicals, and other damaging substances. Over time, these elements attempt to penetrate each layer of your building, causing it to deteriorate. That is why it is critical to apply a protective barrier to ensure your investment stays structurally sound for years to come.

Diagnosing a waterproofing risk is complex. While roofing is crucial, the whole property needs to be sealed. We take a holistic approach, including applying specialty applications to windows, concrete, roof decks and more. Whether we’re working with a new or existing structure, we formulate a plan to keep the water out.

With experience and modern technology, our goal is to rehabilitate your structure or object aesthetically and keep it sealed.

Waterproofing Contractor in Seattle

We offer free estimates and will work closely with you to provide you with the exact waterproofing your building needs.

No matter what kind of waterproofing service you require, we will give you our complete attention and keep you involved every step of the way.
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We understand the nature of different roofing materials and how to install them properly.

Waterproofing is important in the protection and maintenance of your structures and objects. We identify leaks and provide detailed plans with the appropriate repair, utilizing the most experienced technicians in the Northwest for your projects. We assist contractors, engineers and builders by inspecting any problem areas.

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At Objective Services, we safeguard the condition and value of your property. We prevent water damage that could depreciate the value of your interest. Waterproofing provides benefits that will last for years. Make certain your property is waterproofed, including the deck, balcony, windows, rooftop, and more.

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Inspections

Objective Services is a full-service commercial waterproofing company serving the Seattle community with a combined 45 years of experience.

We take pride in providing high-quality waterproofing services our clients can trust. Our team members have the experience needed to ensure your property is properly waterproofed.

Objective Services, Inc.

We stand behind our work and make sure all repairs and installations are done expertly the first time so that our clients can stay protected. Your safety is our priority. 

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